Consisting of professionals experienced in nutrition, cosmetic, pharmaceuticals, DNA and stem cell sciences, DERM iNSTITUTE collaborates with top research institutes and ingredient developers in the world to discover proprietary ingredients and groundbreaking technologies. These exclusive, advanced and light-ahead-of-competition technologies offer customers real benefits and noticeable results previously unavailable without surgical procedure.


Boosts 175 anti-oxidants

  • Exclusive oriental herbs extracts , activates NrF2 (gene transcription factor) to boost 175 genes in responsible for the production of antioxidants including glutathione (GHS), a key component in the cell's antioxidant defense to reduce free radicals and stimulate antioxidant defenses.
  • Reduces melanin content and distribution.
  • Reduces inflammation mediators, increases collagen synthesis and reduces collagen degradation.
  • Safe skin brightening and photo-aging prevention without any irritation, proven to have better melanin inhibition than Arbutin, MAP, and Kojic Acid, and have the same depigmenting effect as hydroquinone.


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