Cellular DNA Repair Skincare

DERM iNSTITUTE is a revolutionary skincare collection that marries DNA and stem cell technology with eastern therapeutic herbs to give you healthier, firmer, and more luminous skin. 

DERM iNSTITUTE began at a 2008 university of Miami workshop on stem cell therapeutics with the meeting of two attendees who became friendly after discussing the new scientific advancements of skincare therapies: a researcher and scientist. Faced with the challenge of a close family member’s severe post-chemotherapy skin issues, the pair decided to collaborate on a treatment protocol based upon plant stem cells.

The duo created and patented herbal extracts that support healthy skin function, signaling skin cells to act younger, stronger and healthier, which ultimately provides greater vitality to skin. 

Using advancements in DNA technology, principally a method from the pharmaceutical industry that tests the effects of drugs and ingredients on specific genes,  DERM iNSTITUTE has discovered more powerful compounds that activate or trigger specific genes to respond to certain skin concerns. This technology allows scientists to look for clues on how genes turn on and off natural signals that reduce aging or increase a youthful appearance. 

This revolutionary skincare method is designed to intervene in and alter the chain reaction of signals that cause visible signs of aging, while strengthening those that enhance, repair and renew skin by means of cell regeneration, collagen production and cellular health. 

DERM iNSTITUTE ‘s mix of superior medical-grade ingredients, eastern therapeutic herbs, potent antioxidants and groundbreaking peptides provides real change and almost immediate improvement to the skin, without resorting to invasive procedures.