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Daily Defense Hydration Travel Essentials

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Daily Defense Hydration Travel Essentials includes:  
Daily Defense Mist                              50ml
Anti-Oxidant Hydration Gel Masque 3ml x 7packs

Daily Defense Mist                              

A refreshing, protective and hydrating mist that instantly soothes and calms the skin. Restores your skin energy and reinforces its hydration barrier to effectively defend the environmental stressors.

Infused with treasured glacier water of Alps, contains rich minerals to increase the moisture immediately. Instantly refreshes and awakens the skin to provide a soft, hydrating and radiant look.

Anti-Oxidant Hydration Gel Masque

The ultra gentle, hydrating and calming gel masque, provides intensive hydration and retains moisture. Helps alleviate temporary discomfort of redness and sensitive complexion. Protects skin cells.

Contains exclusive advanced Moisture Complex, and soothing ingredients to instantly calm and hydrate sensitive and dehydrated skins while retaining moisture. With nano-gold technology, effectively delivers active ingredients into deeper skin layers as well as makes skin appear more supple and plump.