Recreate a luxury spa at home in 5 steps

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It’s freezing outside and you may find that you and your skin are in URGENT need of some stress relief! (Who isn’t?) That’s why we have put together 5 golden tips for you on how to treat yourself to a luxury-spa day in the comfort of your own home, including some awesome DIY spa treatments. Sure, you may not be able to give yourself that massage you'd get at a five-star resort, but we promise this is the next best thing!

Step 1. Wellness at home
First thing’s first, start by setting the mood and recreating a spa atmosphere at home! Log out of all your electronic devices (just turn them all off). Put on a “calming” playlist in the background; the sounds of nature and the sea will do nicely. Next, pour a lovely cup of tea (or wine!) and light a few scented candles to create your own bubble of tranquility, at home. Don’t forget to slip into your woolly bathrobe!

Before jumping onto the next step, check your cabinets and grab some necessities for this spa sesh: 

Necessities: *on the page this can be presented in 2 rows, so it’s not too ‘long’

  • Ceramic or glass bowl
  • Towel
  • Lemon or tried herbs
  • Olive oil
  • Sugar
      • Honey
  • Cucumber slices
  • Coconut oil or yoghurt
    • Day cream or night cream
    • A good book

    Step 2. Bathe your face in steam 
    Stimulate blood circulation, clean your skin and open the pores with a homemade facial steam bath. The effectiveness of the rest of your spa adventure depends on this treatment so let's dive into it.

    • Bring a small pot of water to a boil
    • While the water is heating up, clean your face (try out one of our cellular cleansers
    • Pour the steaming water into a ceramic or glass bowl
    • Add lemon or dried herbs for extra benefits
    • Steam your face with a towel over your head for 10 minutes

    Place your face close enough to the steaming water to feel it caressing your skin, but not so close that your skin feels like it's burning or you're having trouble breathing fresh air - as this should be a (very!) relaxing experience. 

    Step 3. DIY Scrub
    Your skin loses thousands of skin cells every day. By scrubbing, you remove old skin cells. In doing so, you prevent ingrown hairs, tan faster and more evenly and also here - you will stimulate your blood circulation. This gives your skin that natural glow while slowing down the skin aging process.

    For a DIY scrub there are many recipes that work wonders, but for this relaxing spa day, we’ve kept it simple for you! Create a smooth blend of sugar (1 cup), olive oil (½ cup) and 3 tablespoons of honey and you are ready to go. Now, apply the scrub very gently to your face in a circular motion and then rinse it off with lukewarm water. And, what a glow right? We’ve got you covered!

    Step 4. Homemade face mask
    After all the steaming and scrubbing, your skin is ready to absorb some yummy vitamins and minerals - it’s time to zen-out with a rich face mask (link to: If you don’t have one at home, here is another home-recipe mask for you that works.

    Pour some coconut oil or yogurt in a small bowl with a hint of honey and mix it up. Apply it to your skin and lay back for about 15 minutes while your mask is doing all the hard work. You don't want to bother creating the mask yourself, grab one of our face masks  which are also very natural. You may find yourself dozing off here, our advice - just go with the flow! You deserve it!

    Step 5. Self-massage

    Now that you are in a calm state of mind and clean as a whistle, finish with a self-massage of your face (and body). Massage your face with your favorite serum  by stretching your skin outward. Smooth any wrinkle-prone areas with your fingertips and lightly tap your cheekbones. Consider the process complete until the serum is absorbed. 

    Your luxury spa day at home is coming to an end. Let’s finish it off in style! Try grabbing your favorite book or taking a hot bath. If meditation is your thing then there is no better time than now to get mindful.

    Repeat these spa-tips whenever the opportunity arises: a moment at home alone, a rainy Sunday afternoon, a cold winter’s day. Anytime is great actually! Remember, there is no need to look for an occasion to spoil yourself!

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