Anti-Oxidant Hydration Cream

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80% Asian women have the sensitive skin problems, no matter it is personal physical condition, or just caused by outside environment pollution. The main reason caused inflammation is because of the disruption of skin barrier and damaged skin dermis structure, leading to some reactions, like redness、burning、swollen and itching etc.
The symptoms of initial aging include: water loss, elasticity loss, fine lines appearing, uneven skin tone and tired face….. etc. With skin aging, the Collagen and Hyaluronic Acid will be degraded very rapidly. But the general hydration products only block the water in the surface of skin, not penetrating into dermis deeply to recover the elasticity and firmness.

In 2013 Dr. Pat Riley, chief scientist of DERM iNSTITUTE finds that the most effective and exactly key way to maintain hydration level of the skin, is aiming at genetic reaction of the skin. The exclusive patent pending ingredients revitalize and boost the hydration-related genes to increase the syntheses of Collagen and Hyaluronic Acid directly.    
HAAf is the new developed and researched hydration complex by DERM iNSTITUTE. It stimulates the fibroblasts to increase the macromolecule Hyaluronic Acid. Proven by clinical test, it increases 200% Hyaluronic Acid after continued using for 14 days. HAAf boosts over 600 genes related to hydration function, to deliver the water deeply into both of epidermis and dermis. It provides immediate and long term hydration. Advanced nano-gold delivery system ensures maximum penetration to increase moisture levels. Restores the skin a natural balance and provides protection to the environmental factors.

With rich anti-oxidants and elasticity enhance complex, Anti-Oxidant Hydration Cream protects skin form free radical damage and effectively reduces visible lines and wrinkles. It rejuvenates dehydrated skin to look and feel softer, smoother and more richly nourished.

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